Web designer for Web Developer (South eastern Europe, Web Design, Internet Marketing) , circles instead The , the internet For , not for most

  • Published date: Mar 22, 2012
    • San Jose, United States
Web designer for Web Developer (South eastern Europe, Web Design, Internet Marketing)  , circles instead The , the internet For , not for most

Who am I? I am a professional web developer, designer, "the man on the Internet", etc. .. Everything you want to call me and I need to work. It's that simple. Afraid of each person gets a price, however, when they hear the word "professional" and they should not be. Professional just means that you get paid for something because you're good at it ... This is me. Below you'll find a complete list of services that can provide me, as well as some designss web = "wikilinks" REL = "nofollow" a href = "http://www.olx.com/q/design/c-322"> design / development of information that you may find useful even if you do not decide that you need my services. Why should you choose me? Perhaps you've been looking for a web designer, or perhaps you were not may. Maybe you just came across this ad and thought "Hey, I could use some help with something in the fact, and this man seems to be know what they are talking about!" There are tons of ads on various websites and advertising services believe that the people pay for these services you need to know some facts. These facts apply to all sites, so I do not think that this is only for "*****". This applies to sites $ 50, as well as $ 50,000 locations. Contact me! What is the difference between Web Designer and Web Developer? First, there is a difference between a web designer and web developer. Those of us lucky enough to have both sets of skills are the lucky ones who get to say "yes" when asked if he could do in the project ... Regardless of this project. Then there is another group. Those who say they can do what you want. Web designer: designer design style, colors and images on the site on the Internet, and about 90% of the time that can be done also a simple HTML (the language that makes a website actually work, where you can click on links to other pages you see, etc. ...) Web Developer: the developer can program a website to do things, not just view a page of information. For example, you probably want to have a feature where the user / customer can search for stores by zip code or browse the items in a list, and have a shopping cart, and subscribe to the newsletter, access to the site with a password, you have a database of goods for download, etc ... Thus, the primary difference between the design and development is one that provides you with simple pages (About Us, Company History, Contact Us, etc. ..) These are called fixed positions. The other allows your website to do something, in fact, not only show information. This is called dynamic sites or Web application. Vital sites typically cost more because they require more time, experience and resources to develop. These days, there is great demand on the sites (animation, and perhaps with the sounds, etc.) Flash. These sites typically cost more because they require a level of technical skills and programming. Many designers and buy a template (pre-made design), and just change the logo and company name and information, and sell you the site. While this solution is cheap and fast, you run the risk of having your web site look like other sites that have been purchased so the template itself, and thus reduce your credibility. Often people want to flash sites without understanding that they do not need them, and they can be often negative image. Flash is great for many sites, but terrible for some. Design and development, I would like to talk about the process of designing / developing for a minute. When the designer decides to do the project, and it depends at first so-called "mock." This is a temporary design that the customer can look at and decide what they do or do not like about the pattern so that a designer can make changes. (Colors, images, layout, etc ...) and this is the image, such as a diagram, it is not functional. In many cases, the client says "I can not click any of the buttons!" Or "Where are the other pages?" Why is it important to have the form design from the first? Let's say designer design the site, and then builds each page, and all forms of text and images to work with the design, then the client says "You know, I like blue better, and it needs to be more companies looking." Also, designer spent hours (maybe days) working on something that the customer does not want that. So, the common practice is to develop a "mock" First, a simple picture for the correct pattern and then immediately after the completion of the design, go ahead and make the pages and make this site functional. That way no one lost their time. Often a client will change their minds after you have done site. They will say: "I love the red instead of blue" or "This is not good at all, and I want to do any boxes, I want to circles instead." The problem here is that you've been told (and time spent) is doing a one way, just as I had ordered for you ... Then the client to change their opinion and you all the time, and was forced to do the site again. Mockups and contracts to help reduce the developer / designer and being at fault for lost time in the project. What about hosting and updates? First of all ... Host is not really expensive, at least not for most sites. $ 10 a month you will easily get you what you need, and there are many different sites that offer hosting at different rates, however, there are sites that are planning to host thousands of videos, etc ... That require more space and bandwidth, so the price can rise up certainly. For most people, a simple solution, cheap and it works. This leads us to the concept of programming languages. The problem here is that some of the host site only support a specific language. (You may have heard words such as PHP and ColdFusion and. NET, etc. ..). Imagine going to France and request your meal in the French and get exactly what you want ... Now imagine going to France, and asked in Spanish ... But the waiter does not speak Spanish ... He would not be able to give you your meal. So you're going to have to learn to speak either French or go to a different restaurant. Just because the waiter does not speak Spanish does not make him a bad waiter, and he is quite different from the waiter in a Mexican restaurant. The same goes for programming. Sometimes a programmer will want to develop your web site (shopping cart, site search, and the membership, etc ...), but the host does not support their preferred language. Well, the developer can recommend that you change hosts. It's not a complex process, only what is necessary in some cases. However, if you already have an existing site with some of the functions (as well as information only, and pictures, and I'm talking about the vital sites) and then move to another host is difficult, because the host has to support the language in which he writes already in the site for that, many people ask "Will I be able to do the updates myself?". Well, this question has a few answers. 1) Yes, if you know HTML (simple to make changes) and the language that the site is written (on the changes in programming). I was quite welcome to enter and edit the code / text and replace images. 2) Yes, if you have a content management system. This means that the developer builds the entry for you, where you can log on to the site and make changes without any knowledge of programming. This includes, in some cases, add products to your shopping cart, edit or add additional pages on the site, adding pictures to the gallery, etc ... But does not include usually make changes to the overall design of the site, and this requires more expertise. These content management systems are sometimes very difficult to implement and can add to the cost of a website, depending on how the work of content management system requires. There are tons of pre-built content management systems, and although some are free, others cost ... Written often in languages ??that are not supported by many hosts, or conflict with the programming of the site on the internet. For example: If you already have a work site with tons of features, shopping, membership, etc ... And then he wanted to implement a content management system, chances are conflicts directly with the site. So that you have a couple of options, either full redevelopment of the site in the content management system or building a new content management system to work with your current location. This is the question that the developer can answer for you. If the developer is good, trust them ... This will make the appropriate recommendation. Another big problem is the new designers and developers who are learning only, or who did not make their skills. These pseudo-designers is a big problem, especially for customers. Often when a client wants to be the establishment of a website, they look for the best price. Well, I hate to say it ... But you get what you pay for. Now, this is not every designer / developer, but this is the case with many. This is the equivalent of a real construction workers of the world. Certainly, a construction worker can build you something new, even if I was the only one who was in it a few weeks ... Has confidence in himself ... But he does not have a truly affordable for details, and aspects of the minute to make sure everything is correct. They enter into the equation of a car with a drunk driver. They think they can do it, they are boastful, saying: "I'm fine, I'm not drunk, and I can handle this." When you do not know and are not aware of what awaits us in the future, what to avoid, not what to avoid, how to make this journey along the main road. The client will choose the designer $ 300 to $ 1000 (just random numbers for medium-large). Will spend a few months to get something that looks like it came straight from 1996, with smiling faces spinning, rainbow backgrounds, animation and the dog and the "under construction" worker digging a hole. Something completely unprofessional. In addition, the designer who said, "Sure, I can make shopping cart" is trying to use a vehicle built before on your site, only to find that he or she can not be configured, can not make it work with your design, etc ... I had just wasted $ 300 on this guy, and now you can not afford to hire a man who can actually do at work and your project is incomplete. This is the equivalent of "son of my sister can do it for $ 50, so I'm going to just get it done." BAD IDEA. Worse is when a designer sends you his work is not so. See this great work, and decides to hire him ... And then find that he can not do it nearly as well as designs that sent it to you to belong to someone else. In many cases, the client will send your portfolio of designs you've done in the past, only some of the best work you have to get them interested and they will say "your work is great, but I do not see any thing for companies." Or "I do not see anything fun-loving." Or "You do not have any sites for lawyers." Well, that's probably because he had never asked the designer to build one this way. The Beatles never wrote a song about time travel, either, but ... If you asked them I'm sure it can be. Just because a designer does not have anything quite like what you want in their portfolio does not mean they are not able to do so. More importantly for the client to say exactly what you want. If you do not know, and give the designer some creative freedom and trust their opinion. If you do not know what you want or need, but it is probably ... I've done it enough times. It's great to show examples of sites that you want, and give some good ideas. Just do not say "I want to look like [Enter the site here]." Then come back and say "this is very easy, why it seems like it?". Well, it's because you said you wanted to like this other site ... Which happens to be clear. Be specific. The teacher can tell students to "write a paper 5 Page by tomorrow." And then tell the student the next day, "It must be in red ink, and about the solar system." You can say what you want to get what you want. I prefer to send my clients with the form of very specific questions they can answer them. This allows the client to connect correctly and gives me a defense when they say "I do not red blue!", When I should point out that they specifically red. Or, and this helps when the client says, "you were supposed to build in the ability to upload photos and have them re-sized to smaller images." I show them that they did not ask it, and will cost extra, because it was not in the initial quote. It will take more than 4 hours of my time that I already can not, of course it will cost more. Now, what if the client is not the big problem, and they will get it for free, because this is the way it treats customers! (Hint hint) Ok, so now that the most important thing ... Is not it? Price! Sites can run a large price range, anywhere from $ 50 for the location of a single page with a picture, and a sleek new design and information to some millions of dollars, it all depends on what you need. Some people the price of each hour (not me, and I prefer to give a fixed percentage), and some quotes from a number of pages, it actually all depends on the designer / developer. I prefer a flat rate such as if it takes me longer than expected, and it's my fault. You do not have, and do not even pay for it. It helps me to be more reasonable developer. Has a budget: We also know that the developers want the best deal you can get, so you want quotes from everyone so that you can choose the best designer. While this is great for you, and we also want the same thing ... The best deal we can get. So, where is the compromise? Also, consider this ... You say: "I want an exact copy of MySpace, how many?". I would like to tell you (this is just a random number, not the actual quote) "Well, this will cost you $ 5000." Then you're going to move to the next guy, and raise up quotes until you find the cheapest one. It is also probably less capable. However, if you say to me: "I have a budget of $ 2500, and I want myspace, what can you do for me?" I can say, "Well, I can reduce some of the things here and there, and throw in some extras, and cut to download the video and give you a picture very close to this price." It's like buying a car. You can not go in and say, "How much for a car?". Well, that depends on if you want to condition the air, and stereo Premium, 4 wheel drive, and how large the engine you want? Automatic Windows? All these things make a difference. There are so many combinations here, a compromise is easy though. See the car you want and they check your credit and says "can not afford this car, you can carry only up to $ 15,000." Well, now the seller

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